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R&D Lab of



chemical specialties

Our R&D Lab is the heart beating of our company,
where knowledge and innovation join together and the ideas take shape

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our products are the answers

to the environmental issues

and the request of the market

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The art of

textile finishing

finds in our products

a perfect ally

Industrial chemicals

The great attention dedicated to the fashion world, has enabled us to obtain a wide range of chemical products conceived for the different Treatments on Textile. In our application Lab, m-lab, we are committed in the definition of new imagines on garments and fabrics of different nature.
In our company Showroom the garments realized with different treatment are exposed.

In the last year Montega has engaged in research of a good chemistry with the development of an internal Procedure named Montega Verde, recognized by the International Certification Organization TUV as compliant to the international rules ISO 14006, as regards the ECO-Design process.

Lavanderie Copertina

Montega s.r.l. has a many decades of experience in the production of chemicals specialties  for the laundry of all sizes.

The long activities, the continuous research and a strong willingness to listen to customer needs, have led the company to grow into a subject who produces and exports its products worldwide and for third parties.

Montega 34

Montega srl has grown up in Romagna, on the Adriatic coast, where are located a lot of hotels and restaurants. This context has led to relationships between the company and the customers of the Institutional sector. Today Montega has many decades of experience in the production of chemical specialties for the professional detergence. The long activity in this field, as well as the continuous research and the ability to listen to customer’s need, have led the company to become a world-wide producer and exporter even on behalf of third parties.

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